Born in 1995 in Tekirdağ, Büşra Nur S. Bakırhan successfully completed her undergraduate education in 2018 and graduated from Istanbul Marmara University Faculty of Health Sciences with the title of dietician. During her internship as a dietitian, Dietn. Bakırhan worked at Istanbul University Çapa Faculty of Medicine, Göztepe EAH, Dr. Lütfi Kırdar EAH, Haseki EAH institutions. She completed her practical training on clinical nutrition, nutrition in internal diseases and maternal and child health.

After graduation, Dietn. Bakırhan started to work as a clinical dietitian at Sakarya Private Medar Hospital and currently works at Istanbul Private Levent Hospital, where she continues her practice on the regulation and follow-up of nutrition after obesity surgery, body weight control, medical nutrition therapy in diseases, nutrition in special cases (child, pregnant, lactating, athlete, etc.), clinical nutrition support in adult intensive care.

Dietn. Bakırhan, who has written articles in newspapers and magazines since she started working, has contributed to various schools and workplaces, especially Bahçeşehir College, by preparing educational presentations and seminars on many subjects.

Emphasizing the importance of body weight control in the development of public health and prevention of obesity and chronic diseases, which are becoming increasingly common in society, Dietn. Bakırhan has successfully concluded many consultancy processes with her personalized diet lists.

Dietn. Bakırhan, who has a bariatric surgery dietitian title with the trainings of the Turkish Obesity Surgery Society, takes an active role in the processes of patients as a part of the team with a multidisciplinary approach in the treatment of obesity.

After sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, gastric balloon and gastric botox operations, she plans the diet plans of the patients with special requirements in the light of international scientific guidelines and accompanies the processes of the patients with strict follow-up.

Patients who receive nutrition education and dietary guidance booklet during post-operative discharge can reach her quickly online for possible questions after leaving the hospital.

She aims to provide a permanent solution to obesity by providing nutritional habits and lifestyle changes in all counseling processes with nutritional therapy created with scientific resources by adhering to ethical values.