Born in 1982 in Kayseri, Surg. Dr. Mustafa Korhan Mercan entered Erciyes University Faculty of Medicine in 1999 and graduated as a medical doctor in 2006. Afterwards, he started his specialization in Şişli Etfal Training and Research Hospital I. General Surgery Clinic and became a General Surgery Specialist in 2011. After his compulsory service duty at Yozgat Sorgun State Hospital between 2012-2014, he continues to work as the Chief Physician of Private Medipol Hospital, Private Güneşli Erdem Hospital and Private Levent Hospital, where he is currently working. He is working in the fields of bariatric surgery, laparoscopic surgery and endoscopic surgery.

Surg. . Mustafa Korhan Mercan serves at Private Levent Hospital with a teamwork that is experienced in all disciplines, adheres to ethical values, and respects patient privacy.

Dr. Mercan, who is an expert in bariatric surgery, has been working in this field for years and has performed many successful surgeries. With his patient-oriented approach and surgeries using modern technology, he helps his patients lose weight in a healthy way. He provides detailed information to his patients before and after the operation, eliminates their concerns and guides them correctly. He performs surgeries by making personalized planning and determining the most appropriate techniques based on the conditions of the patients.

The techniques used by Dr. Mercan include different methods such as sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, mini gastric bypass, gastric balloon and stomach botox. The most appropriate technique is determined based on the condition of the patients and the operation is performed in the safest way.

 Dr. Mercan also attaches great importance to the follow-up and support after surgery. He helps patients lose weight in a healthy way by raising awareness of the need to change their eating habits and lifestyle. He also responds to the questions of his patients in the post-surgery process as soon as possible and eliminates their concerns.

Surg. Dr. Mustafa Korhan Mercan is recognized as one of the leading doctors in bariatric surgery with his successful surgeries and reliable services. He is pleased to help everyone with obesity problems to regain their health.

In his professional life, his main goals have been to provide his patients with surgical treatment options with proven benefits, safety, minimal side effects and long-term results, and to share his experiences and achievements with his colleagues. In this context, having the trust of his colleagues and patients has been his greatest gain in his long surgical history.